Alter Ego Stitch and Collage with Paula Kovarik

5 Days Monday – Friday, July 22-26, 2024

Guardians. Superheros. Pets. Monsters. Heroines. Villains. They will all be here during our stitch-and-collage class. This class will hone your funny bone and polish your grip on stitching. We will practice free-motion stitching to create narratives, textures and patterns. We’ll collage scraps of cut up quilts and found fabrics to create bodies, heads and appendages. We’ll experiment with 3D forms to break the 2D barrier. Fun? Yes. Freeing? Absolutely. Our emphasis will be on play. Channel your inner dialog into a superhero or leading lady. Make an ideal pet. Bring that alter ego forward.

Supply fee $30

All QBL workshops begin on Monday and end on Friday. Workshops are from 8:30-4pm daily. Students check in to their dorms and move into classrooms on the Sunday before the workshop begins. There is a welcome dinner with a lecture Sunday night.

All Levels