Natural Dyes: Developing a Personal Language with Elin Noble

5 Days Monday – Friday, July 15-19, 2024

Learn to paint and print with natural dyes. This workshop will concentrate on the direct application of mordants and natural dyes using various tools and techniques, including mono printing, stamping, and hand painting on cellulose and silk. Emphasis will be on developing unique color combinations and expressive personal marks. Prior to dyeing, we will apply mordants using shibori, hand painting, and printing techniques. We will also discharge and over-print with mordants to build complex patterns and layered surfaces. After that, we will dye a range of colors on the mordanted cloth using direct application and then steaming and/or dye baths with plant extracts. 

Additionally, we will explore mordant-dye paste mixes, which are applied directly to the cloth. The class will also cover proper fiber preparations prior to dyeing and discuss successful steaming. 

Supply fee: Usually around $70 per person and includes a couple of yards of cloth to dye

All QBL workshops begin on Monday and end on Friday. Workshops are from 8:30-4pm daily. Students check in to their dorms and move into classrooms on the Sunday before the workshop begins. There is a welcome dinner with a lecture Sunday night.

All Levels