Dancing with the Wall: Improv Quilting with Irene Roderick

5-Days Monday- Friday, July 16 – 23, 2023

Improvisational quilting means letting go of all expectations and preconceptions of what you are going to make. Come spend five days with me and learn how to let your subconscious and creativity drive you to make a unique expression of your individual aesthetic and process. Relax, play, let it happen and see what comes out.  I will direct you through my method of creating a quilt that I consider “Dancing With The Wall.” Starting in the center of an empty design wall, you will build a design from “components” and scraps and pieces of fabric you might steal from someone else – and finish with a quilt top about 5’x6’.  I will give you the tools, tips, advice and a lot of hands-on individual attention to assist you along the way.  Expect to have a fun, challenging and rewarding experience.

All Levels