Worth Mentioning

Auburn decorative artist Jesse Kline will be curating an exhibition of works from the Art Center’s collection, as well as creating a new installation featuring colorful apparel in response to the works, in an exhibition titled, Worth Mentioning. The exhibit will be on view May 15 – 26, 2024.

The Schweinfurth will host an opening reception 5 to 7:30 p.m. Thursday, May 16. The event is free and open to the public.

Artist’s Statement

The Art Center is not a collecting institution and has no formal “collection” as many museums do. However, over the years of its existence many objects have come into the Art Center’s possession through various means. Because the Art Center does not collect, the mission of the Art Center has been to primarily focus on featuring the work of living artists, however these objects were worth keeping and still today are absolutely worth mentioning.

Several paintings that are featured are by George Shatzel, a Rochester native, a decorated WII veteran and sales representative for McCurdy & Co, a Rochester based department store. Shatzel’s paintings feature scenes of daily life in a distinctive folk-art style.

Kline shared, “The work created by folk artists have always appealed to my aesthetic sensibilities. Particularly, the honest, graphic depictions of everyday life emit a raw energy that excites me, and brings into question, what is (fine) art, and who are we to judge?”

Other works on view are by Fred Yehl, a Skaneateles native, whose tempura paintings and illustrations feature stylized landscapes, houses, and still lifes. He is known for his use of pattern, stark outlines, and brilliant color. Kline selected works from Yehl’s Aesop’s Fables and Alice in Wonderland series.

“Who can resist being drawn to cute animals with big eyes?” she said. “Then add in Yehl’s artistic language of intricate detail, gorgeous patterns, and sophisticated colors, I feel he is a master. The juxtaposition of these two artists viewed together makes for an interesting conversation and lively backdrop and inspiration for more creative endeavor.”

“Fashion always presents a fun opportunity to express yourself. Yet some unique clothing pieces are works of art in their own right,” Kline said. “The clothing & jewelry bequeathed to the Art Center by textile artist Priscilla Kibbee who made these wearable art coats fits that bill. Once again, the lush patterns, colors, and skillful embroidery drive me wild! Shop the second floor pop-up, so you too can make a fashion statement, and support the Schweinfurth.”