What Makes a Heart Bleed?

March 24 to May 21, 2017

Gallery Julius will feature a collection of work by local artist Theresa Daddona-Traub of Skaneateles, NY. Her work includes a range of sculptures made from steel, leather, copper and other reclaimed and salvaged materials.

“After the 2016 election, I watched the protesters gathered in NYC, the Women’s March on Washington form and hate crimes skyrocket. These events lead me to focus on what I believe, and why I believe the things I believe. … What makes my heart bleed is a love for humanity. This love for people has given me the strength to speak my truth and in speaking my truth my greatest hope is that I am speaking for a generation. … The materials I use to create my work have become essential to the story I am attempting to tell. Steel is hard and strong and yet my message is human and tender. We must remain tender inside, yet be willing to stand like steel and weather the storm,” says Daddona-Traub.

Daddona-Traub and her husband Keith Traub own Unite Two Design, a design/build studio in Elbridge, NY.