Record number of artists apply for Made in NY 2022

Many artworks in 26th annual exhibit feature people

AUBURN, NY (March 21, 2022) – A visitor to “Made in NY 2022” at the Schweinfurth Art Center will be struck by the number of artists who feature people in their pieces.

An earthenware woman’s face created by Zara Bronwyn Davis cries flower tears as it hangs on the wall. A woven tapestry of faces – some smiling, some not – created by Ruth Manning hangs nearby. Sofía Luz Pérez examines her indigenous Mexican heritage in a self-portrait painting that surrounds her with Aztec symbols.

These are among 77 artworks by 70 artists that were selected for the 26th annual “Made in NY” exhibition. The art center received a record number of entries: 412 artists submitted thousands of photographs for the show, which was juried by Ellen M. Blalock, Gina Murtagh, and Kim Waale.

The exhibit opens March 26 with an opening reception from 5 to 8 p.m., and will close May 15. Also on display is “Recycled Light” by Lorne Covington of Skaneateles and “Im-pressed Muses” by Victoria Savka of Owasco.

“We were thrilled with the number of artists submitting works,” said Executive Director Donna Lamb. “There is so much artistic talent in New York State, so it was hard to settle on just a fraction of the entries to display in this year’s show.”

Pérez’s artwork has long been about her Mexican heritage, but her current work stems from her experience being diagnosed with a brain tumor. “I address both the physical and emotional aspects of the healing process I went through in the aftermath,” she said. “I began drawing self-portraits to document this process.”

Her painting shows a woman holding a flower with a determined look on her face. She sports flower tattoos on her shoulder and arm. Flowers were important to the Aztecs,

with the nobility growing lush gardens. They are often found in Aztec art and were used as symbols for a wide range of subjects, including gods, warfare, and passions.

“My work is autobiographical; however, it has universal qualities,” Perez said. “I often portray myself in the face of adversity but with a strong, stoic resolve.”

The art center is open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesdays through Saturdays and 1 to 5 p.m. Sundays. Admission is $10 per person. The art center is also selling a combination ticket for $15 that gains access to the art center and the Cayuga Museum of History & Art, which is located next door to the Schweinfurth.

Here is a complete list of artists featured in “Made in NY 2022”:

Charlene Bluto of Syracuse, “Gas Mask, Beauty Mask,” 2020
Zara Bronwyn Davis of Rochester, “Citrus x Tangerina,” 2020
Katlyn Brumfield of Syracuse, “Cloudscape I,” 2019
Phyllis Bryce Ely of Ontario; “Lake Ontario’s Icy Grip,” 2021
Patricia Capaldi of Ithaca, “Configure Series: 4 of 10, For Morandi,” 2020
Eva Capobianco of Ithaca, “Black Mothers’ Sons,” 2021
Stephen Clark of Plymouth, “The Weight of Last Winter,” 2022
Wayne Claypatch of Owego, “Out of the Pot,” 2021
Tonia Cowan of New York City, “Subway Artist,” 2019
Sarah Cross of Manlius, “Collecting Loss No. 1,” 2021
Sara DiDonato of Brockport; “Smoking,” 2020
David Dorsey of Pittsford, “Patron,” 2019
David D’Ostilio of Congers, “Buzzed Apollo,” 2021
Carrie Dugan of Rochester, “Asia McInnis,” 2021
Lynne Feldman of Rochester, “Sunday Evening at Home,” 2020
Kate Finneran of Bronx, “Ghost Cats in Attic, with Worms,” 2021
Ronald Gonzalez of Johnson City, “Bed Assemblage #1” and “Bed Assemblage #2,”both from 2021
Hall Groat II of Endicott, “End of a Season #2,” 2021
Lindsey Guile of Poughkeepsie, “Content,” 2021
Erica Hart of Hankins, “The Visitor,” 2021
Lee Hoag of Rochester, “Mama Ma,” 2021
Judy Hodge of Amherst, “Storm Coming In, West Coast,” 2022
Susan Hoffer of Upper Jay, “Saving the Planet’s Biodiversity ‘One Turtle at a Time’” 2021
Robert Kalman of Brewster, “Ashleigh” from 2020, and “lfe” from 2019
Nancy Modlin Katz of East Syracuse, “Brookline Tulipiere,” 2021
Angela Kehlenbeck of Brooklyn, “in her bathrobe, at 3 pm / after working night shifts,” 2021
Natalya Khorover of Pleasantville, “Reflections 7,” 2021
Dale Klein of Rochester, “Untitled,” 2021
James Leach, of Pennellville, “Emily the Artist,” 2021
Chris Losee of Pine Plains, “Slow Train Gone,” 2022
Bailey Maier of Oswego, “Covered Table,” 2021
Susan Mandl of Rochester, “Many Marks,” 2022
Ruth Manning of Rochester, “Hallway Transitions II,” 2020
Laura Martinez-Bianco of Marlboro, “Winter Memory,” 2020
Pam McLaughlin of Syracuse, “The Edge of a Dream I,” 2020
Maria Driscoll McMahon of Millport, “Deity Dentata,” 2020
Keith Millman of Freeville; “Firefly Evenings” and “Firefly Evenings,” both from 2020
Robert Morgan of Petersburg, “Disaster Averted,” 2022
Robert Niedzwiecki of Syracuse, “Reggie,” 2020
Lynn Northrop of Amherst, “Sign,” 2021
Rob O’Neil of Albany, “Imposed Nominalism: Train,” 2022
Barbara Page of Trumansburg, “Pylon,” 2021
Pat Pauly of Rochester, “Nest Eggs,” 2022
Paul Pearce of Mattydale, “Sacrament,” 2021
Sofía Luz Pérez of Syracuse, “She Carries New Life,” 2021
Judith Plotner of Gloversville, “Midtown Gridlock,” 2019
Lin Price of Spencer, “Anina,” 2020
Beverly Rafferty of Rochester, “Sunrise on Sanibel,” 2021
Bonnie Ralston of Brooklyn, “HUDF (Gasket)” and “HUDF (Lid),” both from 2021
Luanne Redeye of Endicott, “Arista,” 2021
Adrienne Rogers of New York City, “Linen Vessel,” 2022
Kari Ganoung Ruiz of Interlaken, “Transition,” 2022
Patricia Russotti of Rochester, “Mycology 01,” 2021
Penny Santy of Syracuse, “Conquerors,” 2021
Karen Sardisco of Rochester, “Things Not Seen,” 2021
Gypsy Schindler of Alfred, “I.O.” from 2022 and “I shall not be broken” from 2020
Marcie Schwartzman of Cooperstown, “rain,” 2021
James Skvarch of Syracuse, “Self-Guided Tour,” 2021
Sherry Spann Allen of Syracuse, “__ Hits the Fan,” 2021
June Szabo of Trumansburg, “No Worries – Valley Heads Moraine,” 2021
Kate Timm of Sterling, “Autumn Mix,” 2019
June Tyler of Norwich, “Tree Triptych,” 2022
Natalie Wargin of Cottekill, “Tomato Garden,” 2021
Susan Weisend of Aurora, “Lantern,” 2019
Anita Welych of Syracuse, “Wood Thrush Song” from 2022 and “Dwindle” from 2019
Donalee Wesley of Marcellus, “Maresnest Revisited,” 2022
Gary L. Wolfe of Kenmore, “01010010 01010100” from 2019 and “01010010 01001000” from 2020
Beckett Wood of Rochester; “Gotta Getta Gun,” 2021
Nancy Wu and Jean Davis of Brooklyn, “Utopia,” 2022
Jaysen Zhang of Great Neck, “Print from ‘New Fangled Thing (Faces)’ on Pink Paper,” 2022

If you go…

WHAT: “Made in NY 2022” exhibit
WHEN: March 26 to May 15, 2022
WHERE: Schweinfurth Art Center, 205 Genesee St., Auburn
OPENING: 5 to 8 p.m. Saturday, March 26
ALSO ON DISPLAY: “Recycled Light” by Lorne Covington of Skaneateles and “Im-pressed Muses” by Victoria Savka of Owasco
ADMISSION: $10 per person
JOINT ADMISSION: $15 ticket allows admission to the Schweinfurth and the Cayuga Museum of History & Art next door
COVID PROTOCOLS: Masks are recommended but not required; visitors are encouraged to maintain social distance