These poems are part of the Poetry & Quilts project with the Central New York branch of the National League of American Pen Women. Each poet chose a quilt as inspiration for their poems. We will be sharing the quilts and poems they inspired from Dec. 1 to Dec. 31 on here and on our social media platforms.


Dec. 25

Artist: Barbara Danzi
Poet: Bobbie Dumas Panek

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Dec. 26

Artist: Margaret Abramshe
Poet: Janet Fagal

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Dec. 27

Artist: Jim Smoote
Poet: Nancy Keats Benson

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Dec. 28

Artist: Janet Swigler
Poet: Mary Gardner

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Dec. 29

Artist: Anna Faye Korngute
Poet: Janine DeBaise

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Dec. 30

Artist: Judy Hooworth
Poet: Nancy Dafoe

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Dec. 31

Artist: Shin-hee Chin
Poet: Judith McGinn

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