Presence of Silence, by Kathleen Farrell

Kathleen Farrell, “Learning to Fly,” 2019

May 24, 2019, to August 18, 2019

Born and raised in Rochester, NY, Kathleen Farrell loves to travel to see new places and ideas.”I love to draw and do so every day,” Farrell says. “I draw in meetings, at parties, poetry readings, listening to music, and while watching baseball, more or less working out ideas, frustrations or for pure comic relief.”

She spends hours roaming the downtown streets of Rochester as well as foreign city streets, reacting to the environment with multiple markers in hand, making marks on paper that she later develops into an image with other tools and devices.

“I work in small manageable formats whenever possible keeping several projects going at once,” Farrell says. “This current work consists of drawings from similar situations. I prefer drawing my thoughts, rather than speaking my thoughts, whenever possible.”

Farrell is an art professor in the Visual and Performing Arts Department at Monroe Community College and director of the college’s Mercer Gallery.