Made and Remade: Re-Imagining Industrial Systems

May 24, 2019, to August 18, 2019

Modern society is surrounded by overlooked or ignored mechanisms that have huge impacts on daily life. Each artist in this exhibit explores different aspects of industrial systems that are embedded in our lives. A sense of absurdity is reflected in the brightly colored postal packages of Abraham Ferraro, the splayed out-remade stuff animals rescued from the San Francisco dump by Sherri Lynn Wood, and the fantastical machinery illustrated by Landon Perkins. Each perspective takes on the serious subjects of obsolescence and consumer culture with a playful sense of humor.

Ferraro’s installation, called “Directions,” is the centerpiece of the Schweinfurth Art Center’s summer exhibition, “Made and Remade: Re-Imagining Industrial Systems.”

Three artists. Three views of industrial systems and how they impact our lives. Ferraro’s sculptures establishes a playful map of the postal system that echoes the consumer-driven culture of online shopping. By focusing on reusing discarded items, Wood poses a “possible vision and model for life after system collapse.” Perkins speaks of “hollow narratives within post-industrial landscapes” with the whimsical, often impossible equipment he carefully draws.

Sherri Lynn Wood, Safety Network, 2016.
Sherri Lynn Wood, Six Pairs of Pants, 2016.
Landon Perkins, Structure No. 35, 2018.
Landon Perkins, Structure No. 34, 2018.