Intention and Perception

August 21 to October 9, 2021

Artist statement from Skaneateles artist Stephen Datz:

Memory and imagination are constructs of the mind. Memory is born out of experience, imagination builds on it. Our perception is not objective. This gives each of us space to be unique regardless of originality .

My art making starts with focused intention: To create an object of presence in the now. There is no past or future when I am working, only now. This is not particularly a meditative state, as many practices strive for, but rather a sensory heightened arena where my mind is intensely at serious play.

A time will come for completion. A time of reflection, analysis, adjustment. The conscious act of completion is what differentiates the art of the insane and children from that of the discrete artist

For the viewer, focused presence is of equal importance. Your perception is essential, especially if the work is ambiguous. To remain present with the work simply as it is; defying the urge to define, conclude, and most commonly, judge prematurely. My art is a nonverbal experience. To stay present is to allow oneself to experience it as such.

A common thread throughout my work is the intent to place the viewer in a self conscious relationship with the piece, taking in the work as it directly relates to them, mentally and physically. I invite the viewer to stay awhile. If you experience a hint of self examination the piece has presence. The stronger that exchange and its ability to hold the attention of the viewer is the strength of the work.

Come to the opening at 5 to 8 PM Saturday, Aug. 21, 2021. The opening is free and open to the public. Light refreshments may be available weather permitting. Masks are required regardless of vaccination status.