Depth Perception: The Archaeology of Wax

June 29 to Aug. 19, 2018

Gallery Julius will be featuring the paintings of Syracuse artist Sally Hootnick, who in recent years has been working in encaustics. Encaustic is the process of painting with pigmented wax. Hootnick said she was first drawn to encaustic painting for its sensory qualities.

“The translucency of wax allows views into the depths of the work,” she explained. “The smoothness begs to be touched, and the beeswax gives off a subtle but lovely aroma — these qualities can’t be found in any other medium.”

Hootnick said her painting style mimics life in that both are “made up of layers of memories and experiences that inform each new action that we take,” she said. “Surfaces are built up loosely with wax, paint, and mark making, knowing that the next day a new stratum will be laid on top of the original,” she added.

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