Play with Color and Greyscale with Sarah Bond

2 Days Monday- Tuesday, July 25-26, 2022

Do you love bold strong colors? In exploring what is so compelling about the play of one color against another, we find much of it is in the value. The gray solids have all of the value and so retain much of the drama of interaction associated with the bright colors. This will be a color play workshop where we examine the relationship between color combinations and their grayscale counterparts. Students will experiment with color groups and grays to learn the power of value in color combinations and the potential of combining grays and colors in tandem. We will do a series of exercises in solid fabric with color and grayscale palettes using 6 ½ inch sampler squares, combining basic paper piecing and strip piecing techniques.  The point is to experiment with colors and grays to learn a little more about value and combinations.  We will do a little paper piecing, a little strip piecing, and a little curve piecing.  You can concentrate on the methods you like best while you play with the colors.  After playtime, you can assemble your squares into a wall hanging, table runner, quilt top, or whatever strikes your fancy.

Level: All Levels