Brilliant Natural Color on Cotton with Amanda Thatch

5-Days Monday – Friday, July 24-28, 2023

Learn to use natural dyes for bright colors and consistent results on cotton fabrics! Dyes from natural sources can produce deep and complex color, but only if fabrics are properly pre-treated to accept the dye. Cotton can be a special challenge for natural dyes as the process is different and slightly more complex than what is required for wool or silk. This class will familiarize students with the fundamentals of immersion dyeing on cotton, including the sequence of preparatory steps, the most effective plants for color, how to use fresh or dried plant matter, use of natural dye extracts, and how to modify colors with iron. We will also mix and use a fructose-based indigo vat for blues that can be used on their own or for overdyeing with other colors. Students will leave with a range of naturally dyed cotton fabrics, to keep as samples or to incorporate in their next sewing project. Complete beginners are very welcome. Experienced dyers may choose to experiment more with overdyeing, color control, or simple resist techniques.

There is a $100 supply fee.

All Levels